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IDCC Design House is something completely new; nothing Bentley has seen before. This is why the IDCC Design House team is so excited to create this blog for the Information Design and Corporate Communications program at Bentley. This is a blog for the students created by Professor Goldberg, professor of design, IDCC. The select few of us behind the scenes are only part of the IDCC Design House team, the rest is made up by the Bentley students because this is a place for you to show your creative side. Our goal is to become the number one resource for Bentley students to go to for more information about the program and the design world.

IDCC Design House is passionate about the fields of web/graphic design and visual communication design; this blog was created to share our passion with the Bentley community. We want the students to fully understand the opportunities and careers of communication design while sharing their own ideas. IDCC Design House is a place to learn beyond what you learn in the classroom. With real-life experiences, interesting articles, and creative work students submit. Visitors are getting access to something completely new. IDCC Design House does not just stop at the ideas of the team; we need you. We want your ideas, because this blog is for you. It is time to show Bentley your creative side.

Professor of Design, Information Design & Corporate Communication. Creator and managing editor of IDCC DESIGNHOUSE. Professional experience includes; video game designer, Design Director at WBZ-TV4 Boston, Museum Exhibit Designer, work has been displayed in museums around the country. A highly talented, driven and flexible graphic designer with many years experience in marketing, advertising, Public Relations, print, web and presentation design who is highly motivated, creative, and versatile. Extensive visual, written and communication abilities, strong concept development skills.


"We have created this blog for the Bentley community, to be a great resource for the fields of visual communication."


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Shea Gribbons

My name is Shea Gribbons and I am a senior at Bentley University. I am majoring in Information Design and Corporate Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. I am on the e-board for Colleges Against Cancer at the University, which has lead me to want to do PR for a non-profit after graduation. I decided to join the Design House team because I believe it is going to make a difference for the IDCC program at Bentley. I think it will be a great way for students to learn more and show their creativity in the business world. This is something I am very passionate about and I want other students to have the same opportunity. 

James Lennon

Jim Lennon is a Junior at Bentley majoring in Marketing.  He is a very visual young man who is on the constant quest for the perfectly grilled panini.  Jim’s work includes a number of aesthetic-based projects, most focusing on experimental videography and graphic design.  He is thrilled to have the chance to support the creative arts at Bentley and hopes that his work can help inspire the community as a whole.

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My name is Amanda Chen and I’m a junior at Bentley University. I am majoring in Information Design and Corporate Communications with a minor in Computer Information Systems. I’m interested in working in the UX/UI industry. With the fast growing tech industry, there are numerous products that are becoming more and more complex. I want to become involved in making these products more user friendly and appealing to consumers. Being at a business school, I find it hard to find resources about the visual communication and design. I want to work on the blog and make it a place for visitors and students at Bentley to gain more information about the world of design.

Kasey Huntress

My name is Kasey Huntress, and I am a senior at Bentley University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Information Design and Corporate Communication. I've always been passionate about writing, and this passion is what led me to choose to pursue marketing & advertising as a career path. This past year, I began interning for the Office of Academic Services as a social media assistant. Holding this position sparked the realization that I needed to branch out beyond writing and learn about the visual aspects of design as well. I've found DesignHouse to be an incredibly useful tool. Not only does it offer links to information about basic design principles, but it also highlights free services and programs in addition to exemplary student work. I look forward to continuing to make DesignHouse the best possible resource for Bentley students!

Rachel Hui

Major: Information Design and Corporate Communications

I am Rachel Hui and I am from Hong Kong. I am a junior at Bentley University majoring in Information Design and Corporate Communications (IDCC). I chose to major in IDCC because I would like to pursue my career path in the web design and/or along with the UX/UI and e-marketing related elements.  I’ve always been passionate about innovative ideas, graphics and designs.

I decided to join the Design House team not only because it is a great place to go to for useful resources for the program and the web design world, but more importantly, I would love to share my passion with the Bentley community, to share and exchange creative work and many more exciting opportunities with others.  

Professor Mike Goldberg
Amanda Chen

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