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Using Typography & Color to Create Strong Marketing Messages

Every designer wants their composition to communicate the best and smartest message for their client. Designers have a wide variety of visual resources and tools to help them solve their creative challenges. Two of the most important visual elements that help the success of the final message is typography and color. Choosing the correct combination of colors will enhance the emotional strength of the layout. Colors add energy to a specific design and will help the information quality of the desired message. Typography is the most important visual element in the final layout. Understanding the power of type is essential for every designer. Each type face expresses a specific personality and choosing the appropriate fonts for each composition is an important skill for all professional designers. Combining the correct color palette and type faces for your project will ensure that the desired message is achieved and remembered.

To help you get started with great type face choices go to, This site has a variety of quality fonts that you can download free for your projects. Always make sure to read the file usage requirements.

A good online resource to find more information is:

Here you will find infographics, “The 10 Commandments of Typography” and “The 10 Commandments of Color Theory”

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