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IDCC DESIGNHOUSE Inspiration Design Lecture Series

The SPRING 2021 semester welcomes you to Inspiration Design, the design lecture series. This semester the topics will range from Concept Development to understanding the importance of sketching ideas, new tools in Adobe CC Photoshop and Illustrator, and two very special guest speakers from the professional fields of Visual Communication, Brand Identity and logo design.

This semester all of the lectures will be a hands-on experiences that will teach you skills that you can use in all of your classes and further into your professional careers.

Design topics include:

Concept Development - Where do creative ideas come from?

Special Guest Speaker: Von Glitschka - Brand Identity and Logo designer

The power of typography

Adobe CC: new tools & techniques in Photoshop

R.U.M. Rule - the secret of design success

Special Guest Speaker: Jesus Ramirez - The best Adobe Photoshop expert in the country

Personal bias and its effect on the success of a design

Amazing new tools and techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Creative careers in IDCC

Developing a successful design portfolio

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