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Welcome to the new design blog created for the Information Design & Corporate Communication program, Creative Industries and Marketing programs. IDCC DESIGNHOUSE is a blog devoted to the never ending creative process. The information and resources contained in this blog are designed to help you with your course projects and creativity. Design is an important part of visual communication and IDCC DESIGNHOUSE is created to connect you with the very best in online resources. The resource sites contain free downloadable font files, great articles and information in the fields of design, and a wide variety of visual resources for graphic, web and user experience design.

IDCC Design House, is a place where our first priority is creativity! We want to create a place for people to express their ideas through visual design.This may be graphic design, Public Relations, User Experience, Marketing and the like. If you have a love for design or are just interested in the industry then this is the blog for you. IDCC Design House is not only a place to read and explore, but it is also a place for you to share your ideas. Design House is looking for new, fresh, innovative ideas based on the world of visual communication.

In the business world it is not always easy to show your creativity and that is why this blog was created. We want to bring out the creativity in our students. It will give its visitors a glimpse of how design is integrated into a business school and the quality of work and ideas produced by students here. That is why we are always open to new ideas for IDCC Design House. We want students to share interesting articles they have found for us to review along with the creative work they have done. Your blog will also feature a student gallery; students can submit their graphic design work and we will display it for everyone to see. This is a blog that focuses on you! We want your creativity to show through IDCC Design House.

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