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Von Glitschka speaks to Inspiration Design Lecture

The first time I had the opportunity to see Von Glitschka was at the HOW Design Conference in Boston many years ago. His design session, “Why Designers Need to Sketch” was so engaging and entertaining that for years I made sure that when I found design conferences where he was a guest speaker, I went to those conferences to continue learning from him. I went to a new conference this Summer called the Creative Pro Photoshop & Illustrator Conference in Minneapolis. Once again his creative sessions were amazing. I have been a professional graphic designer for more than 30 years and I learned new stuff again. He is one of the best brand identity and logo designers in the country. He speaks at top-level professional design conferences across the United States.

At this conference I also learned new ways to bring great creative information back to my classes. He also has a series of great design books that I recommend to my students. His process for creating design concepts and the importance of hand sketching are critical skills for everyone.

While at he Minneapolis conference Von came over to me and sat down to get to know me and talk about design education and the kinds of things that I was doing in my creative classes. During our conversation he volunteered to Skype my Inspiration Design Lecture series.

I can’t thank Von enough for taking time out of his very busy schedule to talk with our students.

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