A New Career Opportunity is Coming

PR and UX people are as busy as ever, but a new career opportunity is coming, as yet nameless. It’s a world our grads are starting to enter – a hybrid world of PR, UX, social media interactivity and of course (and always) creativity. We see this unnamed activity in product publicity, identity and brand management, crisis PR, celebrity PR: we see it anywhere organizations are in search of conversations with their audiences. What is it? Here’s a British example of what’s coming: http://albion.co/services

Sometimes the people doing it have the old names: PR managers, brand managers, UX Designers and so on. What they have – what they need - that’s different is much greater knowledge of each other’s areas: all the ones we teach in IDCC. It’s exciting to be at the front end of a revolution, to ride the virtual wave, and to wait for the name to emerge in its own good time.

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