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3 IDCC Courses That You Should Consider Taking

I thought I’d offer some advice in terms of IDCC courses that I have found to be very helpful. If these courses are already closed (boo!), I highly suggest that you put them on your list to consider in the future.

IDCC 370- Web Design I: Information Design & Principles

A lot of people might be wary of taking Web Design and wondering if it focuses heavily on coding— I myself had this concern. There is no coding involved in this course. Professor Goldberg teaches students about best practices for web design (have you ever heard of a wireframe?), concept development, design principles, and Photoshop tools and techniques for web page design based on a client’s brand identity. One thing that I love about this class is that it is project based. Professor Goldberg usually starts each class with a Photoshop lesson or project explanation, and then the rest of the class session is spent working on individual projects. Worried because you’ve never used Photoshop? Never fear, because I, too, went into this class with zero Photoshop experience, and it’s been entirely manageable (as well as a great learning experience). It’s wonderful to have a course like this that allows students to exercise their visual creativity!

IDCC 340 - Advanced Visual Communication

This course prepares students to apply design methods and tools to professional communication projects. Building on the discussions of typography, color, layout, images and symbols in Fundamentals of Visual Communication (IDCC 240), this course explores how to integrate their use and apply them to complex communication projects. Working in teams on projects for real clients, students will use design methodology to identify their needs and project constraints. Students will also develop a visual identity, estimate the budget, set the schedule for the project, and produce design copy suitable for delivery through multiple channels.

You can find student project samples for IDCC 340, 370 and 376 in the Student Gallery section of the

IDCC 376 - Concept Development

Concept Development is designed to teach concept development skills for visual communication solutions.Students will learn creative brainstorming techniques.Every project starts with a creative idea.Where do these ideas come from?How do you form a visual concept?The course structure will concentrate on the essential skills necessary to understand how visual communication design is important in all areas of business best practices, that includes marketing, advertising and promotion.The course will teach real-world application skills to be able to develop concepts and actual finished visual communication design projects.The student will also learn the importance and proper use of client brand identity.The skills learned in this course will allow the student to evaluate and critique professional visual communication materials to determine that the design is the best solution for the client’s message.Adobe Photoshop CC is the design tool for this course.

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