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Who We Are

Glitschka Studios is a small two person boutique design firm located in the Pacific Northwest. Our design and illustration have been used by some of the most respected global brands. We creatively collaborate with ad agencies, design firms, in-house corporate art departments, startups, and small businesses to produce compelling results.

How We Work

Our design philosophy is simple. We approach our work using pragmatic creativity to conceive, create, and commence your project through each critical stage of development. Ensuring the result is compelling, thought-provoking, and reactive for your intended audience. Our creative process is refreshingly uncomplicated.

Creative for Small Business

We believe small business is a big deal. Even though we work with large corporations, we enjoy designing for smaller companies as well. We thrive on facilitating small business so they can successfully navigate and market themselves on the same level as the multi-national brands they compete with daily.

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