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Graphic Design Trends 2022

Design Trends of 2022

is here with new and aspiring graphic design trends! A second wave for styles across decades are seeing the light of day again as designers are looking to experiment the old with the new. Here are some of the top trends to keep an eye out for in the design world.

1. 90s nostalgia.

The nostalgic 90’s seems to be of interest for designers in 2022. With the resurgence of 90’s culture in mainstream media, past styles are getting their chance at a reboot. Vaporwave, bright neon colors, and pixelated art will feel familiar to those who grew up in that generation and will feel exciting and new to those from later generations.

Image from: 99 Designs

2. Creative Doodling

We all doodle, so it’s time to include them in your work! These drawings can be personal for designers, as they can insert a little of their mind into their professional work. Doodles can bridge the gap between digital software and human creation, as they provide a sense of relatability. Including creative doodles in your designs are great for a younger target audience who missed the previous wave of popularity.

Image from: The Design Nest

3. Art Deco

Although Art Deco presents itself in a more formal way than 90’s nostalgia and creative doodling, it fits into the revival of previous styles. Art Deco is characterized by strong, clean lines with touches of metallic and chrome. This style is all about the juxtaposition of innovation and modernism.

Image from: The Design Nest

4. 2D/3D Mashup

It’s the best of both worlds! This combination pairs quite nicely, as the hyper-realism of 3D stands out against the 2D elements. A little bit of zest is added to a design with this pairing, as it troubleshoots the potential sparseness of a design.

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