Graphic Design Trends 2021

Move over 2020, 2021 is here to save us all! The new year is bringing hope, happiness,

and inspiring designs! Designers are adapting their style to match social and technological

changes from the pandemic as well as environmental and social justice waves. Here are the top

3 trends that will be big in 2021:

1. 3D design and typography

With advancing technology, 3D will be making more appearances in design. 3D can be seen in

combination with 2D art, illustrations, and photographs. This technique will bring a fun and

realistic touch to design.

2. Nature-Inspired design

Quarantine made people want to go outside, or anywhere that didn’t involve being cooped up

inside all day. Nature-inspired designs are beautiful and serene, and they remind us of what we

are missing while we stay safe at home. Graphic design is going green and may branch out to

more brands and products than just the environmentally-conscious ones.

3. Socially conscious and Representative design

In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement has led many industries to look at systemic racism in

their business practices. The hope is this awareness and reexamination of racial prejudice and

discrimination will continue to make impacts on graphic design throughout this year. Designers

have already made changes to include models of all colors and backgrounds. There’s also a

wave of hand-lettering design with messages regarding social justice.

Black Lives Matter Image from: Creative Boom

Police Brutality Image from: 99 cent designs

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