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The INSPIRATION DESIGN LECTURES is a series of amazing creative design topics and demonstrations

from the top leading professionals specializing in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and other related

industry recognized tools. These professionals are also instructors in some of the most important a popular

national and international industry design conferences. They teach at Photoshop World, Adobe Max, Creative Pro

and the Photoshop Summit.

These wonderful and talented professionals volunteer their time and experience to bring their skills to

the Bentley University students and our creative community. The above schedule will let you know who

will be the next guest lecturer. Everyone is welcome to attend these ZOOM lectures. The specific lecturer

promo flyer will be emailed to our classes with the specific ZOOM link and passcode. You can contact

Professor Mike Goldberg, IDCC, Information Design and Corporate Communication Department if you

are interested in attending the next Inspiration Design Lecture,

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